What does “Sietske” look like and what is she composed of?

What’s a panther-print blouse doing on the walls of a clinical laboratory? As if, left behind by a patient, who was required to undress for an examination, it decided to make a run for it, it appears on the white walls in all sorts of poses. It seems to accompany the visitors and personnel of the St. Clara Hospital on their journey through the hallway, sometimes appearing sometimes disappearing in the parallel, two-dimensional spaces on each side.

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The Rotterdam artist Wapke Feenstra has given her “Sietske” a life of her own.

In her work Feenstra often chooses to depict inappreciable matters such as garden cress, wood grain, fly squats and in this case: a blouse. She attempts to pick out a cliché, something everyone is familiar with, a species, a group, but which is never identical or general, and thus certainly specific. These motives are detached from their natural environment, their own space and as a separate item are connected to other spaces, allowing for (re) interpretation. A specific element is detached from generality, it gains a meaning from which a world unfolds that remains connected to that material element. The oscillation between the images supplied and their context allows for a brief focus on an image, but this concentration is continually interrupted by the influence of the rest of the environment. It turns viewing the images into a brief, clear, sharp experience, a moving back and forward between concentration and relaxation. It seems to offer the spectator an insight which immediately evaporates again.

When does your doctor prescribe “Sietske”?

In this case whilst walking through the hospital hallways the images can conjure up associations with wanting to escape, the fear of the hospital and the mysterious, intangible matters taking place behind the walls. Or do they offer an allaying of that fear? The fluttering of the blouse then becomes a cheerful darting about, a challenge: try and touch my skin if you can!


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