INTRACORP design and Cd-rom ‘Corrections Ltd.’

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With a bit of luck it doesn’t happen too often that we are given an admittance card including the familiar punched card for the hospital, yet everyone has held one at some time or other. A more obvious link to a hospital, as far as design is concerned, can hardly be found.
Minke Themans uses these admission cards as a starting point for the invitations for the opening of INTRACORP and fashioned the matching appointment-cards for the various policlinics and the appointment-cards for a visit to the INTRACORPinstallations.

Instructions for use

She also developed everything in the field of graphic design for INTRACORP. The guiding principle in this is existing, contemporary text and image material concerning medicalization, especially the makability of the human body, which can be found in everyone’s daily environment.
She developed a booklet in which she lets us stare with amazement at a list of cosmetic operations we were previously unaware they existed. In which she also offers us a handy “cross off card” on which we can record which hospital wards we have visited in our lifetime. By making little “corrections” with surgical precision we see text and image about “medical” consumption articles, from a lay out box supporting final care to an EEG helmet, handy for home-use. The marketing strategies around these products are revealed in a subtle manner. Also mentioned are info-tainment around medical subjects and the dependence on and belief in the use of medicine.
Image material of other INTRACORP participants have been included beside almost absurd yet very commonplace newspaper-clippings. Images by Diller & Scofidio, the Critical Art Ensemble and Herwig Turk add their parody to an absurd flow of information. An absurdity which hardly differs from the reality of social medicalization however. The booklet forms the “backbone” of a handy pouch containing various other items related to INTRACORP: handy for home-use.

What should you be aware of?

Theman’s addition to INTRACORP is not restricted to the graphic design. As the managing director of Corrections Ltd. she invites us to come and correct a few things ourselves: on a computer you can make pre-designs for an ideal body… free of charge.. the price list for the actual interventions is found beside it.


invitation card 1500 ex., appointment-cards 8×1500 ex., name-cards 8 ex., name-stickers 300 ex., logo’s for aprons 5 ex., booklet 300 ex., thumb-film 300 ex., visiting card 300 ex., mousepad 1 ex., success-cookies 300 ex., Cd-rom 1 ex.

Corrections Ltd.
A Minke Themans Company