Genderall. ConfiDerm. NuMoral. Libidophren. Controlin

Responsible for marketing:

“Normal Pharmaceuticals”


Diller & Scofidio (USA)


Elizabeth Diller & Ricardo Scofidio’s contribution to INTRACORP consists of five (TV) commercials which form the advertising campain for “Normal Pharmaceuticals”, a pharmaceutical company that advertises a chemically produced “normality” in a post-psychotherapeutic culture. Each spot is aimed at a specific pathology which can only be described as very commonplace. Pathologies paradoxically produced and intensified by the media itself.

This work was originally developed as one of the contributions by Diller & Scofidio to the dance production Moving Target by choreographer Frederic Flamand, in which the ever shifting relationship between “normal” and “pathological” is investigated. In this, dualism’s like healthy/sick body, virtual/actual (real) space and utopic/dystopic views on technology are considered. The commercials were employed as “psychotic” interruptions in the otherwise coherent dance.

Within the context of INTRACORP, presented as a single channel video installation at the hospital pharmacy, the advertisements appear incorporated into the general information transfer for the benefit of the patients, for whom contemporary media such as video (on monitors and projection screens in waiting rooms) and Cd-rom are employed.

Yet this video-work does not function as a direct criticism on the current means of transferring information which is predominantly employed for giving accurate education on very relevant subjects. It shows a vision of the future: an ever advancing commercialization within the medical circuit and the economical pressure to allow sick people to participate “normally” in the production process again as quickly as possible. A recent resolution in the Dutch Lower House concerning priority for employed people with regards to the waiting lists for surgery shows that this future may not be that far ahead.


Registered are:

INTRACORP 57645 = 11986 GenderAll Na 25 mg, tablets
INTRACORP 57646 = 11987 ConfiDerm Na 10 mg, plasters
INTRACORP 57647 = 11988 NuMoral Na 100 ml, eye-drops
INTRACORP 57648 = 11989 Libidophren Na 100 ml, nose-drops
INTRACORP 57649 = 11980 CONTROLIN Na 75 ml, injection-fluid