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“Carefully read these instructions before visiting the INTRACORP website. This instruction leaflet contains information which is important to the user”.

Instructions for use

For the development of the INTRACORP website Arienne Boelens has focused on the way in which information is communicated via the wrappers and information leaflets of medicine, on the instructions and warnings that are given.

This special written language and the way it is laid out (frequently in connected to illustrations aimed at making everything even more obvious) is recognizable to each one of us as typical for the instruction leaflets accompanying medicines. Even before the actual use, whilst inspecting the wrappers and reading the instructions a world full of chances of recovery, but also of the side effects and other dangers opens. Thus the (near) use causes an almost physical experience.

Boelens employs this medicine language and lay out unscrupulously to seduce web-users to ingest “the INTRACORP products”, i.e. the “medicines” of the participants of this project. This way she ingeniously connects the temptation and the aversion of taking medicine to making use of the web: the ingestion of information becomes a virtual medicine, temporarily offering us relief in our quest for…..more information.


Let it be clear that this does not concern innocuous products: every click of the mouse – every new dose taken – which opens a new layer of information, is accompanied by the danger of abuse. And as you know: incorrect use leads to accidents…

“Have you taken too large a dose? Immediately notify a doctor. You may be bothered with…virtual death”.

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